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All / Features / Interviews 13 July 2017


CMMNTY has collaborated with Kiteka on a new series of art installations. The first in the series, a piece by David Walker, on the side of a disused train features the eyes of one of the Kiteka women looking out across the landscape. The work captures the spirit of female empowerment in Kiteka and the ethical creativity of CMMNTY.

David Walker, CMMNTY artist, was inspired to paint the first in the series when he heard about the work Kiteka was doing with female entrepreneurs in Uganda: "Kiteka is an empowering endeavour, I am privileged to be asked to paint one of the Ugandan women involved and help shine a light on this programme."

David Newman, CMMNTY founder said "we are excited to be collaborating with Kiteka on this series. CMMNTY is all about creating a better world through beautiful art and unique pieces. The values of Kiteka and CMMNTY are very similar and it's our pleasure to capture their work in art form".

Kiteka connects female entrepreneurs in Uganda and beyond to the digital economy through smartphone technology, training and digital outsourcing opportunities. In Sub-Saharan Africa, women are 23% less likely than men to own a mobile phone - and 64% of women don't own a phone at all. But when they do it increases their income by up to 40%. Kiteka is here to address the imbalance and create digital opportunities for more female entrepreneurs.