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David Walker: Artefacts (Paint & Memory, Solid State).

All / Features / Interviews 01 June 2017

David Walker: Artefacts (Paint & Memory, Solid State)

A series of artworks, events & ltd edition t-shirt designs by David Walker.

The Artefacts are the by-product of 4 years of artistic process from 2007 to 2011. A chronological history of paintings through colour, alike to the rings in a tree trunk, they are now presented as artworks in their own right. 

Sat in front of easel and canvas, David would clear the nozzle of a spray can or test a colour on the easel itself. Slowly over the years, large growths of paint formed on the wood surface. The rocks of hardened aerosol were finally prized from the legs of the battered easel in 2011, the day it was time to move from his outgrown North London studio, where David spent most of his time creating the style he has become so recognised for.

David Walker's Artefacts“I used the easel for my first painting in that dim cluttered room, as well as for the last. The objects represent so much to me, they are a reminder of a particular window of time in London, which was spilling with opportunity. Painting, partying, absorbing, illegal haunts on rooftops and in basements, different modes of hunger, a new art movement, hard lessons and hard work with friends, enemies and idols. For me they are artefacts of both paint and memory, solid state.”

David Walker Artefacts

David Walker exhibits and paints murals internationally alongside the leading figures in the urban contemporary and street art movements. His work aims to challenge preconceptions about fine art and urban art painting within the gallery confines and the public domain. Working in portraiture, painting freehand, using only spray paint David has developed a signature aesthetic. Incorporating vandal like and sophisticated mark making to create visually rich portraits that fuse photo realism, abstraction and graffiti art sensibilities with a raw energy that comes from the medium.

T-Shirt Design Shows Layers of Spraypaint Inside An ArtefactShop the collection here and follow David on Instagram here.