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Bailon and Dr Zadok's Rural Mural.

All / Features 01 June 2017

Bailon and Dr Zadok's Rural Mural

It’s not graffiti but it’s just not cricket.

Picture the scene. A sleepy village in a rural area somewhere around East Anglia. Matteus Bailon from Brazil & Dr Zadok from London have begin collaborating on a huge mural covering an entire townhouse cottage. This renovated train station sitting on a quiet little crossroads hides a secret; behind it there is a smaller L-shaped barn studio, a repurposed shipping container, and various doors, car bonnets & bits of fence transformed into stunning art by some of the worlds most renowned & respected street artists. You see, this unlikely little corner of the English countryside is in fact the home of Heyoka AKA David Newman, and this leafy cottage disguises the secret headquarters of CMMNTY.

 Bailon & Dr Zadok Village Mural Well, I say unlikely. I say secret. Now there is a bright orange Orangutang next to a Unicorn-giraffe-bird daubed 50 foot high in spray paint on the side of it. I suppose that might give some clue as to this not being your average cottage an hour or so outside London. Take a look at some WIP shots below & watch out for the video inbound.