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Louis Masai CMMNTY Collection & 'Missing' Exhibition Opening.

All 25 April 2018

Louis Masai CMMNTY Collection & 'Missing' Exhibition Opening

The work of artist, sculptor & environmental activist Louis Masai is inspired by the decimation of natural wildlife the world over. He seeks to draw attention to various critically endangered species with his pieces depicting brightly coloured patchwork animals, often accompanied by a needle and thread wielding honeybee, themselves a symbol of the delicate balance our ecosystems hang in. The imagery of the bee trying to patch up an approximation of a doomed species is as beautiful as it is terrifying. The term 'hanging by a thread' comes to mind.

Fans of Masai's work will be able to pick up his limited edition CMMNTY collection at his London exhibition 'Missing', running from 24th to 27th of May in the famous Crypt Gallery. The show features his large-scale murals of endangered species, painted around the world at sites meaningful to the decline of each particular animal. Alongside these will be immersive forests, interactive exhibits, live honeycombs and large-scale animatronic penguins built with the help of robotics specialists atop real oil spills. 

A small run of the Louis Masi CMMNTY tees will be held back for sale online from 28th May, but if you're within a day's travel to London do not miss this show. More information on 'Missing' HERE.

Louis Masai Frog