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Mateus Bailon CMMNTY Visit.

All / Features 08 September 2017

Mateus Bailon CMMNTY Visit

Mythological Beasts & Where To Find Them

CMMNTY has been lucky enough to have international adventurer & Brazilian native Mateus Bailon at the studio all week, and what a productive time it has been. Not only has he produced his debut CMMNTY range of limited edition t-shirts & added his signature painting style to the ever growing outdoor murals at Hannam’s lake, he’s also been working on pieces for his upcoming show in Paris at Galerie Art & Craft (22nd September) with the help of Heyoka.

Bailon Paris ShowMateus Bailon's work explores narratives that seek to recall the connection between the human being and nature, as well as revealing his own particular universe inhabited by fantastic creatures, especially his birds.

After growing up surrounded by the amazing biodiversity of Brazilian Atlantic Forest and witnessing year after year its sad decay promoted by human's greed, Bailon has been bringing to the streets the power of nature (especially in urban concrete jungles) translated in fantastic creatures and hybrid animals from his own mythological universe. On the other hand, in his paintings and exhibitions, the artist usually brings the human being into his magic forest aiming to empower the natural world and promote environmental awareness by offering a sensorial experience to the public, reconnecting people to where they truly belong, after all, we're all animals. 

Have a look at the new Bailon collection here, check out his collaboration with Dr Zadok on the CMMNTY cottage here, and be sure to follow him on Instagram here.

Bailon Mural Indian Creek School Maryland (Bailon Mural at Indian Creek School in Maryland)