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Will Barras 'Trust Your Hands' Collection Launch.

All / Features 04 April 2017

Will Barras 'Trust Your Hands' Collection Launch

A series of limited edition art prints and T-shirts exclusively available from, the Will Barras ‘Trust Your Hands’ Collection releases 6th April 2017.

‘These black and white paintings are part of a collection called 'Trust Your Hands’. I kept the work black and white because i wanted it to be purely about the line and the act of drawing. If you've been drawing for a while it can feel like the images are coming from a different more cerebral side of your brain. As James Jarvis says in his book, the drawing can express not even an idea but the seed of an idea. So i called it Trust Your Hands because i wanted to draw with freedom and see where my hand and line will take me. This is why in some paintings you see the hand with a simple silhouette figure attached to the top, the little dude is brave and acts on impulse... He represents that side of ourselves, the drawings can take him anywhere he wants to go.’

Having lived in Bristol while studying, Barras became one of a new crop of young artists working within Bristol’s world renowned street art scene. He has since exhibited around the world, painting both on walls and in the gallery space. Living and working in London, what sets Barras’ work aside is his use of movement and unique narrative driven composition and line work. His work holds a kind of energy, as if capturing a brief moment between one manifestation and the next. Holding the line between the abstract and the figurative, his compositions and fluid lines provide poignant detail in liquid abstraction.