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We are a group of the like minded, pursuing what we love and collaborating with others to motivate, inspire and give back through honest and thought provoking works of art. By supporting us, we (you) give back to those in our community less fortunate than ourselves.

CMMNTY is, at it’s heart, an artist collective. The aim is create an artistic platform to share ideas, build the collective audience, create a brand owned by the artists, and do some good in the world by giving back to those in need via the homeless charity Emmaus. The website serves as the beating heart, a hub of activity promoting artists’ work and exhibitions, exploring the stories of the UK’s homeless via Emmaus and offering direct access to artists’ products.

Unlike many brands, artists don’t license their designs to CMMNTY; they are CMMNTY. Rather than use art to promote tees etc, CMMNTY use tees to promote art. Made ethically in Portugal using organic, long fibre, triple washed Portwood Cotton™, each tee shirt is a limited edition art piece that directly supports your favourite artist. In addition to this a portion of all sales goes directly to the UK homeless charity Emmaus.