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We are a group of the like minded, pursuing what we love and collaborating with others to motivate, inspire and give back through art. By supporting us, we (you) give back to those in our community less fortunate than ourselves.

CMMNTY is an ethical, socially responsible brand. Each design is a limited edition piece of art that you can either wear or hang. It’s a gallery with no walls, ceilings or limits; every time you take a piece home or wear it outside you grow that gallery. The artists collaborate for the sake of mutual inspiration and help to make a difference with their art. CMMNTY donates 5% of profits to homelessness charity Emmaus, believing we are all part of something bigger.

The Concept: Create. Collaborate. Motivate.

At its heart CMMNTY is an artist collective creating a platform to share ideas, build the collective audience under a unique brand, and do some good in the world by supporting homelessness charities, like Emmaus. The website serves as the beating heart, a hub of activity promoting artists’ work and offering direct access to that work. Our gallery is all of you; there are no walls, ceilings or limits.

The Brand: Art(ists) at the heart

Unlike many brands, artists don’t just license their designs to CMMNTY; they are CMMNTY. Rather than use art to promote products, CMMNTY use products to promote art. Each item is a limited edition art piece with the artist sharing in every purchase. In addition a portion of all sales goes directly to support the work of homelessness charities, like Emmaus. 

The Team: Good People and Good Things

CMMNTY has a rich background and long history. Run by a small team with real streetwear credentials and thousands of hours experience in the industry, the idea is to do things differently and give something back. The artists have all earned their stripes and members include influential artists like David Walker, sheOne and Will Barras.

The Product Ethical Tees, Prints and Hand Made Merchandise

CMMNTY creates unique pieces of limited edition art to wear or hang, taking pride in the high quality of all its output. Artist Tees are made ethically in Portugal using organic, long fibre, triple washed Portwood Cotton™. Each style is made to order, designed by CMMNTY with care and attention paid to details, cut and construction. Each art print uses Eco-friendly bamboo paper which uses no animal products and is produced using exclusively green energy.  

The Stories CMMNTY gives back with every item sold

Emmaus supports people who have experienced homelessness by providing them with a home and meaningful work in a community setting. Emmaus now supports around 673 formerly homeless people across the UK by providing them with a home for as long as they need it and meaningful work in their social enterprises. You only have to read the stories of some of the people they have supported to see what a difference Emmaus makes.  Emmaus is the first of our CMMNTY homelessness community partners.  We believe that each of our choices can reduce the impact of homelessness by helping to create someone a better life, each purchase at CMMNTY supports this vision.